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The new Ellepot Live is the solution that gives you better control of your production. Our intuitive app and webpage are always ready with real-time updates on everything you need to keep your production on time and ahead of the game. Gain visibility of your production data and structure your supply chain based on your strategy.

Ellepot Live is a production management app designed to help growers with anything from easy calculation and ordering of production materials, easy ordering of spare parts for preventive maintenance, and digital troubleshooting assistance.

Welcome to the Ellepot Live App. Integrated Production Management at your fingertips.

Ellepot Live App Production Management

Ellepot Live is a new feature for the integrated Ellepot System that connects your machine to an intuitive app that allows you to stay updated on and plan your production. This new feature will be part of our integrated solutions produced in 2021 and onward.

Activation of Ellepot Live will be available to customers who received a new Ellepot machine in 2021 and onward. However, if you have a machine from before 2021, it might still be possible to install Ellepot Live on your machine. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about your options.

510X400 Ellepot Live App
Ellepot Live App. Easy Reorder


Ellepot Live is programmed to transfer and translate machine data into easily accessible information, making the Ellepot System even more user-friendly than it is today.

  • Full and easy overview of your machines
  • Easy overview of production information
  • Easy production planning tools
  • Preventive maintenance warnings
  • Troubleshooting alarms
  • Easy identification and ordering of spare parts
  • Smart and easy management and ordering of paper and trays.