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air trays®

Air Trays® allow for root air-pruning, which enhances root architecture and stimulates a larger, more fibrous root system. The trays are unique and designed to provide optimal air-circulation and drainage and to prevent circling and girdling of roots.

All Air Trays® are specially developed for improved production efficiency, automation and optimised handling.

  • Ideal for fruit trees, nuts, landscape shrubs, native plants and trees
  • Maximize the air flow around the root zone
  • Root air-pruning
  • Faster Transplanting
  • Improves labour efficiencies
  • Save time and gain efficiencies


Air Trays® support the Ellepots in the plants early stages and stops them drying out too fast. The Air Trays® are designed to provide young plants with optimal air circulation, drainage and create the best possible conditions for great air pruning of the root system. 

A production solution customized to optimize plant health and automation.

510X400 Ellepot Quality Roots in propagation


Air Trays® are designed to promote healthy root development by ensuring consistent air circulation and water drainage in the root zone throughout the production cycle. Plants develop fibrous roots when grown in Air Trays®, the optimal root morphology for nutrient uptake, resulting in faster growth and healthier plants more resilient to disease pressure.

510X400 Optimized Handling with Ellepot


Air Trays® are designed for optimized handling and thereby improved production efficiency and cost savings – up to 40% savings on labor cost. Air Trays® are economical, easy to ship to customers, and easy to handle in the nursery or field.

Ellepot Tray Handling Hydroponic


Air Trays® streamline handling and facilitate automation with the use of low-cost forks and racks designed specifically for each growers’ needs. Cost savings can be realized from planting to retail.


700X600 Airtray Ellepot Automation


Combining Air Trays® and Air Tray® Racks elevates the root zone away from the ground, resulting in positive airflow on both the top on bottom of the plant while also creating space for forklifts to pick up and move the product.

510X400 Airtray Racks Ellepot Row Copy


The Air Trays® and Air Tray® Rack is your key to ensuring optimal propagation and production. 

With our system you can produce Ellepots and enjoy value-adding benefits throughout your value chain.

  • increase in production
  • a better end product
  • a reduction in labor and handling cost.

Using Air Trays® minimized the cost associated with cutting, moving and planting. Plus you get the added benefit of superior root growth, proper air-circulation, with little to no reduced root gridling, and root circling. 

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