The self-sealing Ellepot Membrane is 100 % polymer fibers and the most economical choice and offers fungus resistance due to its plastic membrane.

Highlights and benefits of Ellepot Membrane:

Fungus resistant

Formula is targeted to be perfect for a fibrous root development. The raw materials in the recipe are subject to strict quality control to provide a uniform product at all time. 

Special developed product for the Ellepot system and the horticultural industry.

We recommend this  product to customers, such as hydroponic growers or greenhouse young plant propagators, who are working with the Membrane in a controlled environment.


Eco Friendly:
The Membrane is synthetic.


Decomposition time:
Testing the product under various conditions show no decomposition.


Fibre web design:

The special web design provide a fine protection for the roots during a long time on benches before plant out. In some cultures the roots only grow vertically as they do not penetrate the nonwoven membrane.

The product is used for crops with long propagation time and hydroponic systems.



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Hydroponic and Membrane are approved materials under Washington state department of agriculture organic food program and have been verified to comply with USDA National Organic Standards (7 CFR Part 205).