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Bydgoszcz, Poland


See how Ellepot has helped Vitroflora in Poland do things smarter.

"The recently delivered NGL machine can operate at up to 28,000 Ellepots per hour with full row filling, and 20,000 per hour with the new zigzag pattern that allows for a lower plant density. This is over twice the maximum rate possible with the older semi-automatic machines already in use by Vitrofora"

Tomasz Michalik, president Vitroflora.

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- Tomasz Michalik, president, Vitroflora

The Polish company Vitroflora has been producing young plants since 1977. Vitroflora is constantly embarking on a new journey to improve its efficiency as a young plant supplier from propagation to shipping the final product.
The Ellepot system helps Vitroflora achieve their ambitions with-in propagation as well as customer service. 


Vitroflora wanted an automatized solution in order to maintain high quality
propagation. Each year, a wide variety of plant material is handled, requiring
pots of various diameters, and different growing media. Vitroflora was seeking a high value automatized solution to meet the company’s increasing demand for flexibility, and to address the need of increasing production in the future.


Vitrofora purchased its first Ellepot machine ten years ago, and apart from seedlings in small trays, almost all of the company’s production is now in Ellepots. To meet the needs of increasing production, further machines were bought. 


Change-overs are quick and easy with the Ellepot system. Reliability is essential, and our staff have found that Ellepot machines are highly dependable.

This is especially important during peak production periods when potting continues far beyond normal working hours. Plant quality is consistently good.
The Ellepot system ensures for every plant its own defined space for root development into a medium that is at the same uniform density in each module.

The environmentally friendly Ellepot paper, porous to water and oxygen, ensures that the quality of the root environment is equally high throughout the whole of the growing medium. For customers, there is virtually no root breakage in transport
.”, Tomasz Michalik said.