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See how Ellepot has helped Senhe in CHINA do things smarter.

Senhe, one of China’s leading large scale plant growers, wholesalers and contract growers wished to modernise its production equipment and selected the Danish manufacturer Ellepot to be its supplier/equipment partner for the company’s first Ellepot propagation system which dramatically increased the speed and efficiency of production.


China goes green

Senhe was founded in 2000 by Mr Zheng Yongping, one of the shareholders and current chairman of the company. The name “Senhe” literally means “many trees and plants’; the company truly lives up to its name as it annually produces over 100 million plants, including the propagation and production of trees, shrubs, perennials and flowering and foliage house plants, available as plugs, liners or finished items.

Multiple goals

Nestled in China’s horticultural epicenter, Hangzhou, also dubbed as China’s Little Boskoop, Senhe finds itself in a fiercely competitive marketplace with a countless number of local growers and a constant pressure on pricing. “Competition but also production efficiency, plant quality, sustainability, customer demands and innovation are the key challenges over the coming years and Senhe has sought to address these issues as outlined in its strategy and action plan”, said Senhe’s spokeswoman, Julienne Zhu.

A fundamental step in the right direction has been the implementation of the Ellepot system; a single tool that can help achieve multiple goals.


Danish manufacturer, Ellepot really stood out from the crowd by offering top notch service. “They have acquired a wealth of experience in advanced horticultural technology. We were impressed with the high level of customer service, the one-on-one attentiveness and the utmost professionalism of the Ellepot team”, said Senhe’s Julienne Zhu. Finally Senhe decided to acquire a high volume NGL machine with a hands free operation at rates up to 35,000 pots/hr.
The substrate machine vacuum-fills the air, water, root permeable, environmentally friendly degradable Ellepot sleeve, preventing damage to the media while assuring uniformity from top to bottom.


The 80 mm Jumbo Ellepot is ideally suited for landscape plantings at city parks, hotels and airports. There are no pots or cell packs to collect or throwaway at the job site making for a quick and efficient planting process. An extra benefi t is the 2 in 1 propagation & transport tray which can be easily refilled with Jumbo Ellepots.
But there’s more. The pots are made of made of wood fibers which facilitates a perfect root penetration and allows for a natural root form. When transplanting there is no root shock and plants exhibit a continued growth. This also makes the Jumbo Ellepot interesting for growing pre finished shrubs and mini trees which are usually swapped over into 120 to 200 mm pots.

Cost savings
The switch from plastic to paper pots allows for important cost savings, especially when it comes to freight charges. Careful calculation reveals that one pallet of Ellepot paper (40x40mm) contains 64 rolls and holds about the same as a full truck load of 2, 240,000 plastic pots.

Total control
Summarizing the overall benefi t of the world patented Ellepot system Zhu said, ”It is unique and gives us total control of the production. We can not only decide the growth media, the type of paper or the size and density of the pot, but also the type of tray". Moreover, Senhe is happy to have a quality and experienced supplier like Ellepot.