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See how Ellepot has helped Dalat Hasfarm Co in Vietnam do things smarter.

The introduction of the Ellepot system has dramatically improved Hasfarm’s product quality of carnation cuttings. The Ellepot enables faster rooting and increases the speed, quality and capacity of production (9,000 pots/hour) and ultimately improves profitability. We also see a major benefit of lean manufacturing as the delay between the booking of an order and delivery of finished plugs has been reduced significantly.

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Dalat Hasfarms mission is to continuously improve all business processes with a focus on innovation, cost savings and product quality while paying the highest attention to human resources and environment.


One of Salat Hasfarms missions is to continuously improving all business processes with a focus on innovation, cost savings and product quality while paying the highest attention to human resources and environment.


Introducing the Ellepot propagation system has been an important step in ensuring the company provides good conditions for workers along with the best possible quality of products for its customers.

Benefits by using Ellepots

The Ellepot system is a unique propagation of cuttings and seeds of flowers, vegetables and trees. The Ellepot is made of environmentally friendly paper filled with our choice of growing media. We see a paper which facilitates a perfect root penetration.

With the Ellepot system Dalat Hasfarm now have full control over their growing media, time of production, and number of pots and finally the density.

This has resulted in excellent rooting results and logistic and thereby earlier sales ready.