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See how Ellepot has helped Andreas Psenner in Italy do things smarter.

Innovative technology has always been a Psenner trademark, using pioneering Ellepot machines that have set the standard for excellence. 

Its founder Andreas Psenner –nicknamed ‘the King of Pelargoniums - always stayed true to his desire to do things differently while never missing an opportunity to improve his plants.

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Andreas Psenner was founded in 1967 by Andreas Psenner in Bolzano. Andreas Psenner currently has two premises, the original nursery in Bozen and a newer nursery in Kaltern covering together an area of 42,000 m2 for rooting young (bedding plants and Poinsettia) plants.


One of Andreas Psenner missions is to do things differently and aim for real innovation while never missing an opportunity to improve his plants to continuously improving all business.

We need to be able to produce with more flexibility. In summer, when kicking off Poinsettia production we need a mix with a lower water retention because we are watering more. In winter, for our bedding plants, we use a mixture with a somewhat more dense structure so we can root our Pelargonium”.


Psenner has moved all its production in Ellepots allowing a quick planting of 25 and 35 mm pots with optimum air filled porosity. “We have two establishments and Ellepots, naturally, are needed at both facilities. We decided to also install the new NGL machine in Kaltern, located 20 km south of Bozen so it is no longer necessary to travel to and from with the risk of quality loss to the substrate pots”, says Thomas who runs the family business together with his father and his brother Robert.

Ellepots offer us a lot of flexibility when it comes to the growing media”, stresses Thomas. He continues, “We can now decide our own structure which is much softer than Jiffy and Preforma plugs. Rooting results are therefore excellent”.

Benefits by using Ellepots

Tomas outlines that purchasing Ellepot machines has been a huge investment as all growing techniques needed to be adapted. But the introduction of the Ellepot machines – with an estimated return of investment of four years - has improved Psenner’s product quality and saved up to 50 percent of labour costs per year.